Cornerstone Capital Partners Invests in Wauseon Machine

Cornerstone Capital Partners invested in Wauseon Machine,   Wauseon is a reputable machine manufacturer based in Wauseon, Ohio, founded on resilience and energetic leadership.  The founders remain as the Chairman/CEO and President and look to build upon their sustainable business practices and continue their existing structure, character and corporate culture.

Cornerstone Capital Partners is a long-term investor and dedicates its capital and expertise to add value to the business and culture of Wauseon Machine.  Partners trusts in the current success of Wauseon, works with Wauseon to build upon its strengths and offers new value-added opportunities to make Wauseon better.

With Cornerstone Capital Partners as its investor, Wauseon continues to be a privately held company able to make great long-term decisions and commitments that are sound and complete providing the members of Wauseon a stable foundation and capital to pursue its goals, while retaining its culture.

The CEO and Chairman of Cornerstone Capital Partners, Peter Paras, Jr. offered the following comment in reference to the Wauseon Machine investment.

“Cornerstone is committed to investing in excellent manufacturing companies.  The mutual goals and fit of Cornerstone and Wauseon Machine are excellent.  The founders are committed and continue to be extremely successful and excellent partners with Cornerstone.  We are delighted with our position and look forward to sharing our knowledge and resources with our partners at Wauseon machine to build upon the success they have already achieved over their 25 year plus history.”

Cornerstone is actively seeking to expand its long-term investments with other manufacturing companies.

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